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File photo of Beijing Subway Line 6 extension. [Photo/IC]

BEIJING - Beijing plans to build two new metro lines stretching a total of 7.1 km this year, Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office said Friday.

The western section of Line 11, measuring about 3.6 km, is designed to have four stations. The construction of the line will start in the first half of 2019. Upon completion, the metro line will link the existing Line 6 and S1.

The new metro line will serve the Shougang Industry Park, where the Beijing Organizing Committee"s Office for the 2022 Winter Olympics is located, as well as the Beijing Winter Olympic venues.

Another new line, the northern extension of Beijing"s new airport line, will measure about 3.5 km. This line is expected to link Line 14 and Line 16 which are under construction and the proposed Line 11.

Meanwhile, an urban airport terminal will be built on the line to offer check-in and baggage consignment services to travelers.

Beijing will have a total of 17 metro lines under construction in 2019, totaling 339.1 km, according to the office.

Beijing has taken measures to ease traffic congestion in the city by building more subway lines. The national capital has 22 metro lines now. The total length of operational subway lines in the city was extended to 637 km by the end of 2018.

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